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Primary Wool Co-operative Offer Shareholders New $4 Wool Packs

August 1, 2013

Discounted wool packs provide financial benefit and industry good.As farmers, Primary Wool Co-operative board members see the deteriorating state of the nations recycled wool packs and offer shareholders new four dollar wool packs. New Zealand’s only wool co-operative is investing in this industry-good opportunity to provide an immediate financial benefit shareholders and respond to a need they see in the industry.

The new wool packs are offered to members supplying wool to Elders Primary Wool. The value of this initiative, on top of the rebate and 10% dividend issued in March 2013, will amount to about $16 per bale in the 2013 year.

Since starting this initiative, the Co-operative have seen a significant increase in the number of new shareholders. This is great news for existing shareholders and for the wool industry. Every additional shareholder means more can be invested on projects like Just Shorn and Campaign for Wool NZ to lift demand for wool.

Contact your Elders Primary Wool Representative to receive your wool packs.