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Your Co-Op is Delivering!

March 4, 2013

Your Primary Wool Co-operative has just announced that it will pay all ordinary and rebate shareholders a 10% dividend, made possible by a profit of $831,000 in 2012, which followed a profit of $954,000 in 2011. 

This is a huge achievement and is the result of prudent management and the profitability of our joint venture in Elders Primary Wool. Of course, by virtue of the co-operative model, you get to share in the profits of the Elders Primary Wool trading entity.

The Wool Industry is Alive and Innovating! PWC directors are very concerned at recent press statements by Federated Farmers an others stating that the wool industry is on the point of collapse and no one is doing anything about it.

That is simply not true.

As Co-op members and Elders Primary Wool suppliers, you are contributing enormously to the effort of improving this industry and increasing demand for NZ wool. How?

  • By utilizing your rebates and dividends to continue farming well.
  • By investing in Primary Wool Co-operative who is independently funding the administration of the Campaign for Wool NZ. Not only is this paying for the spread of information about New Zealand wool in New Zealand, it is giving NZ wool a voice in the Global Campaign for Wool.
  • By enabling Elders Primary Wool to invest $5m (at no cost to you) to the Just Shorn branding programme. This programme is unique to the wool industry and rolling out into hundreds of US stores including Carpet One and Flooring America stores, the largest and most experienced flooring retailers in the North American and Canadian market.

There are so many innovative products and fantastic initiatives happening all over the world, which are all contributing to the increasing demand for wool. You can be proud of your part in these initiatives so be sure to tell your farming mates and neighbours.

Your Investment

Committing to be shareholders in this industry should not only instil pride but also comfort that you know where your investments are going.

Consider this. If, as a Primary Wool Co-operative member, you market your wool clip through the Elders Primary Wool joint venture of which you own 50%, you can be CONFIDENT half the profit from the charges you pay are coming back to you or going to industry-good work to lift demand for wool. You KNOW where your profits are going. You are CERTAIN you are getting paid for what you produce.

United industry

Since 1974 when Primary Wool Cooperative was formed, your directors believed the wool industry should be united. We have devoted huge amounts of effort and funds trying to achieve that goal and will continue to do so. Unfortunately, Wools of New Zealand have  their own reasons why they are unable to work with us and we look forward to those issues being resolved in the future.

AGM Reminder

Your directors warmly welcome you to attend the AGM on the 6th March at 1 Princess Street Dannevirke at 2pm. We will have an update from Stephen Fookes, the Chairman of the Prince of Wales Campaign for Wool in New Zealand, on the exciting activities taking place here and his take on the state of the industry.

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