Capturing Value

Just Shorn® – An international brand development programme striving to raise awareness and demand for your product to a target market who appreciates the quality of what you produce.

In 2010 the Just Shorn® brand was strategically launched by Carrfields Primary Wool (formerly Elders Primary Wool) to stimulate demand for wool carpet in the USA, provide assurance of integrity in the wool and build an exclusive brand in the US market.

In other words – create and increase demand for your wool.

This year, the Just Shorn® brand has been given a new look and feel. The new Just Shorn® brand promotes New Zealand and the resource of wool as beautiful, fresh, clean and sustainable.

North American consumers have traditionally been slow adopters of wool carpet in their homes, with sales at low levels compared with those in New Zealand and Australia. This opens up a significant opportunity to take our premium Just Shorn® wool carpets to the exclusive end of the North American market under a refreshed brand.

 We’re working to add value across the industry in New Zealand, from growers up. Our marketing of Just Shorn® premium carpet in the States will have a positive impact on the perception of New Zealand wool in general among North American consumers. CP Wool has partnered with luxury flooring specialist Carlisle Wide Plank Flooring to showcase and sell Just Shorn® carpets in the USA. The partnership provides access to a ready-made customer base for Just Shorn®at the exclusive end of the market.

 Just Shorn’s® renewed growth in Canada and the US is being driven by Krista Eliason, CP Wool’s Managing Director, North America.

 Eliason, who has a long background in the wool industry in New Zealand, was appointed in late 2016 to manage the company’s growth into North America. She has been a passionate supporter of wool co-operatives and growers in New Zealand for many years and has been a prime force behind the introduction of the Campaign for Wool into the North American flooring sector.

As Primary Wool Co-operative owns 50% of Carrfields Primary Wool, we also own 50% of the Just Shorn® brand and are committed to capturing value for your product.