Industry good

Campaign for Wool in NZ

As part of Primary Wool Co-Operative’s commitment to industry-good initiatives within New Zealand, we financially supported the New Zealand Campaign for Wool, a global campaign started by HRH Prince Charles in 2010.

The Campaign for Wool promotes the unique properties and uses of wool, encouraging consumers to make it their first choice fibre for carpet, clothing, interiors and more.

Funding from Primary Wool Co-Operative initially supported the social media and online presence of the Campaign however; most recently it has shifted its support to events like ‘Weekend in a Woolshed’.

By providing the funding to take this position it has enabled a large number of activities to be coordinated in New Zealand including the adoption and adaption of two programmes that have been successfully developed and implemented in the UK by the Global Campaign for Wool:

  • Shear Brilliance
  • Primary School Education Strategy
  • Shear Fashion
  • Social Media and an online presence

Primary Wool Co-Operative encourages all members to show their personal support for the Campaign for Wool.