About us

We are a 100% farmer-owned co-operative, committed to capturing the real value of wool, returning profits to members and supporting industry-good initiatives. 

Our History

Primary Wool Co-operative Limited was formed in 1974 by a group of local farmers to increase the returns for wool growers. Over the ensuing decades, membership has grown to over 1,300, with  new shareholders joining each month and significant investment being made into the NZ wool industry.

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Our People

Our Future

We have been a co-operative since day one and intend to stay that way as the premier farmer-driven entity leading positive change and investing into the health of the wool industry. 

Industry Good

Be confident. Committing to be a member of Primary Wool Co-operative means you are investing in industry-good initiatives with the objective of lifting demand for your wool. Primary Wool Co-operative seek ways to improve the New Zealand Wool Industry as a whole. 

Shearing Sports NZ Sponsorship

Primary Wool Co-operative is proud to sponsor Shearing Sports NZ, a non-profit organization working to set quality standards for shearing & woolhandling. The co-operative recognises the value of quality shearers and wool handlers in our industry and is honoured to enable continued success in the sport.

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Discounted Wool Packs

As farmers, we saw the deteriorating state of the nations recycled wool packs and decided to invest in an industry good opportunity that would directly impact our growers.

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Campaign for Wool in NZ

As part of Primary Wool Co-operative’s commitment to industry-good initiatives within New Zealand, Primary Wool Co-operative financially supports the New Zealand Campaign for Wool, a global campaign started by HRH Prince Charles in 2010.

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