Tony and Larney Miller


Passionate about his industry, his farm and his growing family, Tony Miller has many things to be proud of.

Located in Balclutha, Tony and his wife Larney Miller have worked hard to get where they are today. They leased their first 160 hectares nine years ago, and currently run 8,500 stock units on 750 hectares leased with the intention of continued growth.

Larney ordinarily works as a banker in Gore but is currently a full-time mum to their 12-week old son, Ryan.

The young farmer grew up on a farm and always knew he wanted to be in the sheep and beef industry. “I think knew what I wanted to be since I was about Ryan’s age,” Tony jokes.

The Millers run 7000 ewes, 2000 hoggets as a full breeding and finishing unit. A year ago the couple brought in a 50/50 partner which enabled them to lease more land and grow their business faster. The long term goal is farm ownership, which may come in the form of an equity partnership.

“We love it, we love the lifestyle and we love farming sheep,” he says.

Primary Wool Co-operative
Word of mouth proved to be a powerful tool introducing Tony to Primary Wool Co-operative. “One of my mates spoke highly of them and we have never looked back,” he says.

He appreciates that the company is working hard to make a positive difference for the growers. “The Just Shorn™ concept is fantastic – really innovative,” Tony shares.

With all of the effort he pours into his farm and wool product, he also appreciates that his EPW rep works hard for him as well.

The Wool Industry

Tony is positive in wool as a product and hopes the prices will all come out right for the growers.

Watching the research come out of the States, he believes that helping people understand the benefits of wool and effective marketing campaigns, like Just Shorn™ efforts will make a positive impact on the industry.