Malcolm Jackson


When Malcolm Jackson was first approached at Mystery Creek Field Days to join the Co-operative and sell his wool through Elders Primary Wool, he initially turned the representative down. He says, “I was quite content where I was at the time but when the industry changed, I found Daryl’s [Croad] card and gave him a call. I think I was one of their first clients from this part of the country.”

Learning more about the Co-operative and Elders Primary Wool programs, Jackson soon became a dedicated member. “I’m quite excited about Just Shorn™,” he says. He is pleased that the organisation promotes attributes and qualities of wool. “Wool has a distinctive feel about it. There’s more to wool than its price.” He goes on to observe that, based on online articles, the trade partners in the States really seem to be taking up the message.

He is right. In September 2013, CCA confirmed Just Shorn™ is their priority and Just Shorn™ is in a solid position in the USA. Additionally, the brand’s main manufacturing partner, Godfrey Hirst continues to extend unqualified support.

Running a fourth generation 240 ha sheep and beef farm south of Raglan, Jackson completed a diploma in wool and wool technologies at Massey in 1996. He works hard to stay educated about industry changes by reading news online and attending industry events.

“Primary Wool Co-operative should keep doing what it’s doing,” says Jackson. “I read that it recently had a good profit and I certainly approve of the rebates and dividends.”