Bob and Isobel Death


“We believe we are on the cusp of something positive happening in the wool industry with Primary Wool Co-operative and Elders Primary Wool, and we want to be a part of it. I get frustrated when people say the industry is dead.”

After nearly 50 years invested the wool industry with her husband Bob, Isobel Death’s faith and frustration in the industry is understandable. They have experienced the ups and downs first-hand. 

The Deaths run 1,500 Romney breeding ewes in addition to young stock and cattle on their 303-ha Central Hawkes Bay farm. They have been farming for over 50 years and moved to Hawke’s Bay from Taranaki 20 years ago.

Though always advocates of Primary Wool Co-operative’s work, the Deaths became shareholders after watching the Co-operative step up and help farmers become price makers rather than price takers.

The Deaths believe what Primary Wool Co-operative and Elders Primary Wool are building with Just Shorn™ can revolutionise the industry. They love seeing farmers take action to promote their own product. Bob says, “We know it will take a while, but at least we are doing something to get our product into the top end of the market.”

Though they have seen encouraging improvement, Bob and Isobel still see room to grow. “We hope to see Just Shorn™ carpets in New Zealand so we can see and show others the product we are creating,” says Bob.

Isobel’s faith isn’t for naught. She sees society moving to a more natural, sustainable way of living and wool answers so many of the needs. As a knitter and small-business owner selling her craft, Isobel sincerely believes in wool. “We even have wool carpet in our house and we know that it is so important to have faith in your industry … right down to buying and using the product yourself.”