John Love

Kahuterawa Valley, John Love – J &K Love Partnership

 John Love with his loyal servants Meg, Rose, and Jack

Farming has been in the Love family since the 1900s. Originally from Australia, John Love studied at Massey University, met a lovely Kiwi and stayed in New Zealand. He follows in the footsteps of his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather in the farming industry running an 80% sheep, 20% cattle farm on 650 ha in the Kahuterawa Valley, near Palmerston North.

Primary Wool Co-operative and J & K Love Partnership

When asked why he is a Co-operative member, John passionately states, “Because I am in favour of co-operatives in farming…full stop.”

A member of Primary Wool Co-operative for nearly 10 years, John believes Primary Wool Co-operative is doing its utmost for the farmer.

“I appreciate they are genuinely interested in improving the long-term profitability and use of product for the grower – not just the price at the auction,” John says. “They also have the muscle and foresight to buy things like wool packs, sell at cost and save their growers money.”

Unlike commission agents, who are important in their own right, John believes a co-operative is more interested in making the farmer more profitable. He also appreciates the benefit of dividends.

Hopes for the Future

“I hope to see more of the members at the AGM so that more farmers understand what Primary Wool Co-operative is doing for the industry,” John says. “It’s disappointing to see 25 people in attendance when it is so important to know what is happening.”

John believes the wool industry will rise above the myths the synthetic market competitors share with the consumer and show the truth about wool products. He has high hopes for the wool industry as a whole and looks forward to a stable premium price for wool as it goes into superior worldwide wool products.

“Wool is the better product because it is renewable, fire-resistant, sustainable, water-resistant … the list goes on. It is a great product.”