John Ellingham

Dannevirke, Alltwood Farm

John Ellingham is dedicated to getting a good price for wool. He is proud of the fact that in his 35 years of farming, his 670-ha, 2,500 Romney breeding farm in Dannevirke always produced good carpet wool.

As founding shareholders of Primary Wool Co-operative, John and his father have watched the Co-operative grow from its inception. He recalls the excitement of Primary Wool Co-operative providing wool to the Dannevirke spinning mill in 1974. (Read more history here)

John is just as excited to be a part of the Just Shorn™ development and sees tremendous potential in the carpet programme. He follows it closely and is glad to see retailers in the United States promote the product well on its behalf.

“I appreciate the shared dividends from Primary Wool Co-operative and hope for a future premium from wool supplied to Just Shorn™,” John says of Primary Wool Co-operative. “We see a lot of hope and one of these days people will rediscover it and it will take off again. I’ve got great hope for wool.”


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