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Primary Wool Co-operative attends Weekend in A Woolshed

March 11, 2016

As another example of what Primary Wool Co-operative is doing to raise the profile of wool for all wool growers, the Co-operative sponsored of Campaign for Wool NZ – Weekend in A Woolshed —  an educational weekend workshop for nine architecture graduates who will be mentored by design industry leaders, in thinking outside the square and using wool in their design.

Primary Wool Co-operative representatives spent an afternoon at Ngamatea Station with the graduates and Campaign for Wool NZ during the weekend. The location was stunning, the designers eager to learn and the mentors eager to share their love for the fibre. One  highlight for Primary Wool Co-operative representatives was actively partaking in the collaboration between members of the industry – all with a passion to educate and inspire the next generation about strong wool and its multitude of uses in architecture and built environment.

Representatives enjoyed speaking about the benefits of wool, Primary Wool Co-operative and Just Shorn with representatives from Home magazine, Massey University textiles, Ag Research, and Stephen McDougall, CFW NZ Architect Ambassador.

The Co-operative looks forward to watching the concepts that were developed from the nine intelligent motivated designers be taken into the industry. However, even more invaluable will be the knowledge that will cause a ripple effect in the design communities into the future.