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Primary Wool Co-operative Supports Weekend in a Woolshed

March 2, 2016


Strong wool is a major feature of the New Zealand wool industry and Primary Wool Co-operative Ltd is working to unite with other industry members to raise awareness and use of the versatile fibre.

“We have a commitment to our growers to actively work together to strengthen and unite the New Zealand wool industry through strategic collaboration,” says Bay de Lautour, Chairman of Primary Wool Co-operative.

Another example of this collaboration will take place this weekend at “Weekend in a Woolshed” where Campaign for Wool NZ, supported by Primary Wool Co-operative, is about to immerse nine of New Zealand’s up-and-coming architecture, interior, spatial, product and industrial designers into life on one of the North Island’s largest high country sheep stations.

The architecture and interior designers will spend a few days at Ngamatea Station working in a studio set up in a woolshed, challenged to create and innovate taking advantage of the many qualities of New Zealand strong wool.

“We believe events like Weekend in a Woolshed are a positive step towards helping rebuild the strong wool industry, valuable to New Zealand’s economy, from the grass roots and onto the global platform,” says de Lautour.  “Most Co-operative members are strong wool growers so our support of events like this and our joint venture with CP Wool and their Just Shorn carpet range just makes sense.”

Primary Wool Co-operative is committed to investing in industry-good initiatives with the objective of lifting demand for wool and actively seeks ways to improve the New Zealand wool industry as a whole.

“When Campaign for Wool NZ Trust approached us to support an event like this, we saw an opportunity to support the inspiration of the next generation of architectural and design leaders to use the fibre in new and exciting ways,” says de Lautour.

Read more about the Campaign for Wool NZ event here: Weekend in a Woolshed

About Primary Wool Co-operative Limited
We are a 100% farmer-owned co-operative, committed to capturing the real value of wool, returning profits to members and supporting industry-good initiatives, like Campaign for Wool and Weekend in A Woolshed.

Primary Wool Co-operative Limited was formed by a group of farmers in 1974 to increase the returns for wool growers. Over the ensuing decades, membership has grown to nearly 1,300 and significant investment and involvement has been made in the NZ wool industry. The proven grower-owned and controlled co-operative structure remains paramount.
Primary Wool Co-operative has a 50% shareholding in Carrfields Primary Wool (CP Wool) and two Primary Wool Co-operative Directors sit on the CP Wool Board to actively represent the interests of Co-operative members.

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