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David Fagan shears in the US for Just Shorn

January 26, 2014

In Phoenix, Arizona with Elders Managing Director Stu Chapman and Just Shorn™ Director Howie Gardner, Fagan is at the CCA Global (CCA) flooring convention to share the Just Shorn and New Zealand wool story.

Appearing live on morning television from Maya’s Farm in Phoenix with Chapman and Gardner, Fagan and host McCloskey did some shearing and talked about the benefits of wool and wool carpet.


“What a great opportunity to tell the US about the benefits of wool” said Fagan.  “It is great to be here with the Just Shorn™ team – the interest in wool carpet in the US market is slowly regaining prominence and is something we need to keep talking up”.

Just Shorn™ is distributed throughout the US via CCA’s Carpet One, Flooring America, Pro Source and the International Design Guild (IDG) retail stores and designers.  Built on the three pillars of sustainable, natural and beautiful, Just Shorn™ is the premium wool carpet brand distributed via the CCA Group.

“The increased interest in NZ wool and in particular wool carpet is very encouraging” said Chapman.  “The Just Shorn™ brand continues to grow across the US and Canada and is now sold in over 550 retail outlets.  With the planned Just Shorn™ launch into Australia late February we will expect to see an increase in wool contracts throughout 2014.  It certainly is a good NZ wool story and a great story for the wool industry in general.”

Primary Wool Co-operative  owns 50% of Elders Primary Wool, we also own 50% of the Just Shorn™ brand and are committed to capturing value for your product.

David Fagan shears in the US for Just Shorn Press Release

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