Tony and Jocelyn Curran

2,500 Romney Texel cross on 935 acres near Dannevirke , Dungarvan Partnership

A recent member of Primary Wool Co-operative, Tony Curran is confident about the Co-operative and what it can do for the future of the New Zealand Wool industry. So much so that he is standing behind it with his word and encouraging other farmers to come on board.

Tony has been a farmer for all his life and on his own farm for 17 years. He owns 2,500 Romney Texel cross on 935 acres. His farm is 17 kilometres east of Dannevirke, where he lives with his wife, Jocelyn and their three kids. 

Though always knowing about the Co-operative activities, Tony joined in June 2013 after reading about it in the papers and hearing about it from his neighbours. “I value the local investment they are making,” he says. Tony also appreciates the fact that it gives him the option of selling at auction and Just Shorn™.

“I think it is important that farmers know more about what is happening outside of the farm gate. It’s not just about the money but about what is happening to the product itself,” he says. “I like that I can attend an AGM, talk to the board and learn about where the product is going.”

Tony sums up a Primary Wool Co-operative passion well when he says, “I want to pass down a legacy and be a part of it for the future of the wool industry.”