Bay de Lautour

Bay de Lautour

Takapau, Hawkes Bay, Tukipo Terraces

Bay de Lautour has been involved with wool his whole life. 

He served as chairman of Primary Wool Co-Operative and a director of Carrfields Primary Wool, and is active in many aspects of the industry. Bay remains on the Primary Wool Co-Operative board and a wealth of knowledge for our team. He has always been an advocate for change in the industry where it will increase returns for growers. 

Having spent 67 years in vigorous farming, Bay is now enjoying “retirement” and spends over 20-hours a week using his bulldozer, grubbing, spraying thistles and other weeds. The rest of his time is spent looking after a small flock of sheep on a lifestyle block and providing vegetables all year-round for the house. 

Bay is most proud that Primary Wool Co-Operative stayed intact though some difficult times in the industry. This is a tribute to the value of the Co-Operative and what it can offer the wool industry into the future.

He is also proud that Primary Wool Co-Operative has worked to invest earnings back into the promotion of wool. “I believe it is the great fibre of the future.” 

Bay’s dream for the future of Primary Wool Co-Operative is to see it grow in membership and to be seen as the leading advocate for wool growers. 

“I would like to see Primary Wool Co-Operative, in collaboration with other organisations, urgently carry out demonstrations of the important features of our product, like flame suppression. For example, could it be proved the Auckland Convention Centre fire would have been suppressed if woolen insulation been used instead of straw? If people could see the value of what we have to offer, this would help our industry tremendously.”

Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for our industry, Bay!