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October 10, 2019

The Primary Wool Co-Operative board recently gathered to sharpen our vision and goals for our role in the New Zealand Wool Industry. 

This is what we re-affirmed and re-ignited our passion for what we can do for our shareholders and the future of our industry. 

Primary Wool Co-Operative is 100% farmer-owned.

Primary Wool Co-Operative creates sustainable shareholder returns through our investment in CP Wool.

Primary Wool Co-Operative does this by focusing on collaboration, innovation, promotion, advocacy and good governance

Allow us to elaborate.

Primary Wool is a farmer-owned investment cooperative. Currently, its sole investment is a 50% ownership stake in CP Wool. Primary Wool’s principal driver has to be to increase the profitability of CP Wool, to maximise the dividend potential of the investment.

The primary way this can be done is through increasing bale numbers (attracting new suppliers) and good governance on the CP Wool board.

Sustainable shareholder returns from the investment in CP Wool are not only financial returns, but also creating additional value from industry good initiatives. These benefit not only our members but also all sheep farmers.

The industry good work is financed via the distribution of profits from CP Wool. Collaboration, innovation, promotion, advocacy and good governance will be the five pillars that underpin the strategy Primary Wool will implement to drive better outcomes for all stakeholders. Some activities are undertaken directly by CP Wool and some solely by Primary Wool Co-Operative.

Above all Primary Wool’s initiatives must create value for its shareholders.

Collaboration, innovation, promotion, advocacy and good governance are the five pillars that will drive better outcomes for Primary wool and its members. CP Wool will benefit from a strong Co-Operative driving increased bale numbers and improved client loyalty.

Learn what we mean by collaboration, innovation, promotion, advocacy and good governance.