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What Is Our Focus?

October 10, 2019

Primary Wool Co-Operative shareholders are a part of a 100% grower-owned co-operative working to create sustainable shareholder returns through our investment in CP Wool. We accomplish this goal with a forward focus on collaboration, innovation, promotion, advocacy, and good governance.

These five pillars are more than just words to your board. They are a guide to help us make decisions and offer direction for our future. 

This is what we mean. 


Our shareholders want to see a broken industry work towards becoming whole. 

Primary Wool Co-Operative will work with other organisations both within and outside the wool industry. This will be for the benefit of both our shareholders, CP Wool and the industry as a whole.

This collaboration may include strategic relationships with organisations like: Wool Working Group, Campaign for Wool, Co-Operatives NZ, Sustainable Business Network. 


Our shareholders want value for their wool 

We will encourage, promote and partner with others to bring innovative ideas to life.

This includes, but is not limited to unique and niche yarns being manufactured by NZ Yarns, wool/hemp products, wool interior design products.


Our shareholders have told us that they want to see more wool promotion.

Primary Wool Co-Operative desires to be recognised as a proactive promoter of wool both inside and outside the wool industry. 

In an effort to avoid duplicating what others are doing and create the most effective promotion we will work to seek out promotion opportunities with existing promoters.


Our growers want a voice and influence in the wool supply chain.

Primary Wool Co-Operative offers our growers a seat at the CP Wool table. We are a strong sheep farmer voice representing our members and representing farmer interests.

We will advocate to the public. Primary Wool Co-Operative will be available for people when they want to talk to wool farmers. As a board, we take this representation seriously and work to represent with integrity and honesty. 

Good Governance

Our shareholders want to know they can trust us. 

Primary Wool Co-Operative has the people, knowledge and experience in place to demand best practice governance in both Primary Wool and CP Wool.