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We’re Loving Wool!

May 1, 2014

 Primary Wool Co-operative is proud to support 2014 Wool Week and tell the world that We’re Loving Wool.

Wool is more than a fibre to the members of Primary Wool Co-operative. It is our our passion, our heritage and a part of our family. We are proud of it. We love wool and we want to tell the world.

This is why we have decided to support the 2014 Wool Week.

Throughout the week events will take place promoting the fibre through fashion and interior design, reminding consumers that wool is a modern, functional and beautiful fibre. An interactive wool show will take place in a busy shopping, entertainment and business precinct in the heart of Auckland. A woollen art display will fill a city centre. Over 30 designers have committed to celebrating wool in their retail locations around the country. Supporters of the Campaign for Wool NZ are encouraged to creatively celebrate the fibre.

Versions of the attached photo will be on buses and billboards in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch throughout the month of May. It will also be taking the place of our regularly scheduled Grower Stories in Farmers Weekly. It is fun to note that individuals in the photo are members of a real family and group of friends wearing wool from participating designers. We believe it further captures the essence of our pride and community.

We are also working hard to capture the attention of large numbers of consumers around the country through social and local media.

As part of Primary Wool Co-operative’s commitment to industry-good initiatives within New Zealand, Primary Wool Co-operative financially supports the New Zealand Campaign for Wool, a global campaign started by HRH Prince Charles in 2010.The Campaign for Wool promotes the unique properties and uses of wool, encouraging consumers to make it their first choice fibre for carpet, clothing, interiors and more. Wool Week 2014 aims to help promote the Campaign within New Zealand.

Primary Wool Co-operative encourages all members to show their personal support for the Campaign for Wool NZ by finding them on social media and signing up as a Supporter or Brand Partner. Both are free.

If you would like to join us in helping spread the word about wool in 2014 Wool Week, please contact [email protected]