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Sales of Just Shorn™ going well in USA

December 2, 2010

International Design Guild, the exclusive retailer of Elders Primary Wool’s Just Shorn carpet, says that sales of the carpet are “going well” throughout its 100 plus top-end USA stores carrying the brand.

“Sales began with the introduction of the first few Just Shorn carpet styles in a wide range of colours, manufactured by Fabrica in the USA. These have been followed up by beautiful rugs made by Nepalese artisans, using Just Shorn wool, which have also been selling well. A further range of Just Shorn carpet styles have been made, which will be in stores in early December as part of the collection,” says Krista Eliason, President of the International Design Guild (a CCA Global Partners Company).

Ms Eliason says buyers are discerning and at the top end of the market. They are purchasing for luxury private homes, and are preferring the beauty and integrity of the Just Shorn wool, which carries a tracer fibre validating its sourcing in New Zealand from Just Shorn growers. Interest is also coming from hotels and the hospitality trade. “Buyers can be assured with Just Shorn that what they are receiving is amongst the best in the world,” she says.

A second equally important market for International Design Guild, is interior designers. The Just Shorn collection is featured in International Design Guild’s Dabbieri range (www.dabbiericollection.com) which is the choice of interior designers and architects. “Through our stores, and our skill set, owner operators of International Design Guild showrooms are able to work with interior designers directly, providing them with quality advice on preferred carpets. Just Shorn fits the bill entirely because it is a luxurious carpet collection, made with premium New Zealand wool and fashioned into a range of beautiful designs and colours,” says Ms Eliason.

Ms Eliason said that the connection Just Shorn carpet offered with the New Zealand farmers who grow the wool, is exciting buyers. 

“We tell them about the way the wool is grown and shorn from sheep, in a pastoral, natural outdoor setting,” she says. “We show them, through the website and collateral, some of the farmers that are actually growing the wool. There are videos on the website of farmers speaking about the wool and how they are passionate about what they do. This is emotive, both for the sales staff and their customers. They can see that real people care about the natural fibre they are producing.” 

David Truett, owner of Truett Fine Carpet and Rugs (member of International Design Guild) says “Our showroom’s focus is on the finest flooring available. It all starts with a beautiful, well designed, well coloured style and that is just what the Just Shorn products are. I have placed the Just Shorn products right in the front of my showroom separated away from other products. They are highlighted so that we can tell the story that the products deserve. Mr. Truett adds, “We recently sold a Just Shorn style to one of the most prestigious designers in Texas for a wonderful job he was working on. We were thrilled that the designer appreciated the new styles. There is nothing better than an endorsement like that!”