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Primary Wool Co-operative Dual Purpose for Wool to Blackdale Stud

July 15, 2015

 Primary Wool Co-operative was proud to pass over the Primary Wool Co-operative Dual Purpose for Wool Award to Peter and Marion Black of Blackdale Coopworth, Blackdale Stud at the Beef and Lamb Sheep Industry Awards.

Based at Riverton, Blacks’ Coopworth stud  has won this category for the last two years.  Blackdale Stud is one of five studs within the Blackdale operation—which, in total, incorporates 2,300 stud and 1,500 commercial ewes. It is an intensively stocked, all-grass, all-sheep operation with a focus on breeding rams with the best genetics to achieve optimal net returns for clients. Started in 1971, there are now 215 stud Coopworth ewes—down from a high of 1200. The Coopworth stud feeds into the operation’s Texel-Coopworth bloodlines, which have grown to meet commercial farmer demand. Blackdale Coopworth.

The Black family’s Blackdale stud which won the wool award again and a number of other awards, is certainly a great example of commitment to high performance.

The Beef and Lamb sheep Industry Awards are growing to be a major event on the sheep farming calendar now and the Co-operative is proud to be supporting the event. We welcome the both opportunity to keep the Primary Wool Co-operative message circulating and to celebrate those who are working hard in the industry.