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NZ Yarns Information Memorandum

September 17, 2014

For growers interested in learning more about an investment into NZ Yarns, read the information memorandum below.

This document provides details of what Christchurch Yarns currently does, what it means to the industry and the financial projections for the business. These projections are based on what the business is doing right now and what it might do if volume is pushed up in future.

NZ Yarn Information Memorandum

Please register your interest to make an investment in NZ Yarn Limited.

This will enable us to monitor levels of committed investment over the next two weeks until the Offer closes. 

Please note all prospective investors will be required to provide a completed application form and a certificate from a Chartered Accountant confirming that you are an Eligible Investor.

Pre-register your proposed investment here: NZ Yarn Pre-registration

As a reminder, this is certainly not an exercise to get money out of all Co-op members. An investment into NZ Yarns is totally voluntary and growers must only invest if they feel it is either good for the industry, good for themself as a grower or good for them as an investment. There is totally no reason for a grower to feel any compulsion to invest if they don’t wish to.

NZ Yarn Information Memorandum