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National Fieldays Update

September 6, 2011

PWC Member News National Fieldays Update                                                                                                                                                                                 

As you will be aware from our previous news, your Primary Wool Cooperative took

up the opportunity to showcase the wool industry and the branding initiatives of

Elders Primary Wool, as the premiere sponsor at the Mystery Creek Fieldays last month.

The feedback we received has been fantastic, both from the general public and from

farmers. Even a number of high profile politicians were hosted on the stand and given a good education on the value of the wool industry and in particular the value and significance of the Just Shorn brand.

There was an impressive range of innovative garments and products on display,
from tennis balls from Waiwera station that are used at the US Open, some fantastic

merino garments and the lavish ‘Nano Gold’ product developed by Victoria University, and even a copy of the John Key royal wedding suit. There were Dorset wool filled duvets, Swazi padded type jackets filled with wool and much much more.

We had the comedian performer, Bary Wood aka Billy Black, running five outstanding shows each day, during which he displayed the flame retardant qualities

of carpet. In a very impressive and daring stunt he showed how he could hold a big blow torch directly on his black woollen shearing singlet until it was absolutely smoking, and not feel a thing! This attracted a lot of public attention and was a powerful message for the children and indeed their parents. It would not be hard to say that, in the right hands, he could do more for wool than the Fernmark did in 15 years!

All up, Fieldays was well worth the investment and I believe has also been the catalyst for some healthy steps forward in driving towards the goal of using your

Primary Wool Cooperative as the body through which all sheep farmers might channel ‘fit for purpose’ wools, into exclusive retail brands.

Many thanks to all those of you that came along and supported the team.

I have included a couple of links for you to follow some of the Just Shorn exposure, I think you will agree it’s a pretty strong campaign.

Bay. de Lautour Chairman

www.primarywool.co.nz www.justshorn.co.nz

Contact details:

Chairman – Bay de Lautour – [email protected] – Phone 06 8556827 Director – Howie Gardner – [email protected] – Phone 03 4180645 Director – Hamish de Lautour – [email protected] – Phone 06 8577926 Secretary – Alan White – [email protected] – Phone 06 3538200

Fieldays links:


http://www.re-nest.com/re-nest/rugs-carpets/just-shorn-new-zealand-wool-from- their-farm-to-your-floor-137884