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Gordon Levet of Kikitangeo Stud, Wellsford wins the Primary Wool Co-operative Sheep Industry Innovation Award

July 15, 2016

As a gold awards sponsor, Director Hamish de Lautour presented the Primary Wool Co-operative Sheep Industry Innovation Award to Gordon and Trish Levet at the Beef + Lamb Sheep Industry Awards on 6 July 2016 in Masterton.

Gordon’s grandfather used to regularly lose half of his lamGordon Levetb crop to Barber’s Pole worms. Today, 80% of Gordon’s stud Romney rams are undrenched, and Gordon believes it will take another four or five generations of rams before he has a sheep that is totally bulletproof against blood-sucking internal parasites. Gordon began breeding toward worm resistance in 1987, recognising that there was a genetic component to a sheep’s ability to tolerate worms. 

Primary Wool Co-operative congratulates Gordon and Trish on their win and their on-going commitment to the industry.


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