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Elders says “no” to marketing fee

January 11, 2010

Due to a number of requests for information from growers, Elders Primary Wool has decided to issue a statement in response to the announcement by Wool Partners International of the introduction of a 3% ‘Wool Market Development Fee’ effective 14th January.

Elders Primary Wool assures growers it has no intention of introducing a similar market development fee.

It is not part of Elders Primary Wool’s strategy to impose additional costs on growers for funding offshore marketing at a time when the industry is struggling with historically low returns. Further, Elders Primary Wool through its Wool Marketing Enterprises arm is already actively marketing on behalf of growers, at no additional cost to growers. Examples include the development of the Just Shorn brand about to be launched into the United States in February, significant investment in the development of relationships with CCA Global Partners in the US, and with other strategic organisations including the British Wool Marketing Board. These costs are being covered by Elders Primary Wool.

Elders Primary Wool provides an investment opportunity for growers to support our initiatives through joining the Primary Wool Cooperative which offers rebate benefits and potential profit sharing to growers. For further information about the Primary Wool Cooperative or to learn more details of Elders Primary Wool’s comprehensive marketing strategy aimed at returning the profitability of wool to strong wool growers, please contact your local Elders Primary Wool representative.

Stuart Chapman
Elders Primary Wool