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AGM Review and David Fagan Presentation

March 15, 2014

Over 45 people filled the Dannevirke Citizens club on 12 March, 2014. New members and old gathered to discuss the 2013 record profit, the 2014 plan and vote on critical matters. Discussions included the woolpack program success, marketing plans, and Co-operative member growth.

Following the discussions, David Fagan shared about his experience shearing in the USA and representing Just Shorn in the USA.

David Fagan is a familiar name in the wool world. A shearing contractor for all his life, he has been a shearing contractor for 15-years but he is most well-known for his world shearing championships.

“While I was in the States I could definitely see the use for education about wool and wool carpet,” Fagain says. “One of the most important was of the sheep safety and the renewability of the wool. It grows back every years.” His observations of the company were realistic and positive. “It is still in its infancy but ready to grow,” he says. “It’s hard to explain the potential it has but it’s there. I saw it when I was talking to store owners, especially those who had a strong product knowledge. They see the value of it.”

David valued the hospitality by Americans at convention centers. He observed the Just Shorn team, organisation and products to be held in high esteem. “It was good to see because they deserve it for all of the hard word they have done for the industry.”