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2022 PWC Annual Report and Statement of Accounts

August 4, 2023

The PWC Board is pleased to now be in a position to present our 2022 annual report to shareholders.

The preparation and audit processes have taken significantly longer than expected and we thank you for your patience. Much of the delay relates to a nationwide shortage of audit capacity, complying with the prescribed accounting methodology, and the need to seek independent accounting and legal advice to reflect the multiple transactions involving Primary Wool Co-operative (PWC) taking full ownership of Carrfields Primary Wool (CPW), thus allowing Carrfields to take 100% ownership of NZ  Natural Fibres (NZNF), then accounting for the subsequent transaction with Wools of New Zealand Holdings (WNZH) to form Wools of New Zealand Limited Partnership (WNZLP or LP).

PWC Annual Report 2022 (final)