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2020 AGM Follow Up

April 22, 2020

The Primary Wool Co-Operative 202o AGM was a success.

Due to its success, in the future, we will work to incorporate this technology so more shareholders can join the conversation. 

A note from Primary Wool Co-Operative Chairperson, Janette Osborne,

“Thank you to all who took the time to attend.

The AGM worked brilliantly on Zoom and it was fantastic to be able to have shareholders from across the country attend – far more efficient and cost effective than having to travel for a physical AGM.  At the very least we will look to supplement any physical AGM with a Zoom meeting so that members from right across the country can attend easily.

Traditionally the AGM has been held in Dannevirke with a 1pm start that worked well for people travelling – because the meeting had originally been advertised as being a physical one we did retain the same date and time.  However, if planning for a Zoom meeting from the beginning then we would definitely look at a more convenient time for farmers and include a speaker to provide some interest – because let’s face it AGMs are usually quite boring!!

Our Secretary Alan White and his team did a remarkable job of mastering the technology to run a very efficient online meeting – including working out how to have a polling system – so that attendees could vote on each resolution.

We do have recordings of the AGM and the power point presentation as well as the draft minutes.  If shareholders are interested they can contact Alan White for further information.”