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Why Join?

It’s your wool. It’s your industry. Joining the only farmer owned wool co-operative in New Zealand is your opportunity to invest in the future of both, while receiving unique benefits.

As a wool grower, you can do a job and do it well without being a member of Primary Wool Co-operative, so why join?

If you are not a member and you sell your wool through another merchant, you get paid for your wool and contribute to the profits of your wool merchant. End of story.

But if you are a Primary Wool Co-operative member you and your industry both benefit. 

How? If you sell your wool through CP Wool auction you:

  • Get paid for your wool (nothing different there).
  • Earn a rebate which returns some of your consolidated charges back to you.*
  • Contribute to the profits of Carrfields Primary Wool.
  • Know that 50% of those profits are coming back to your Primary Wool Co-operative.
  • Watch those profits be returned to you and other members as dividends or discounts, or to the industry in financial support of various industry-good activities.*
  • Qualify to put wool into the higher value Just Shorn® programme.

See how this works 

How the Co-op model works

Need a refresher? It’s very simple.

  1. Most importantly, the Co-op is 100% owned by you, the growers.
  2. It operates a 50:50 joint venture, namely Carrfields Primary Wool Ltd, with Carrfields Limited, a family owned agribusiness based in Ashburton, as the other partner. This joint venture is a broking business (testing, warehousing, preparing wool for sale) and an international brand development programme (Just Shorn®).
  3. If, as Co-op member you hold one $1 share for every 5kgs (i.e. 20c/kg) of wool you produce, the return you will have received to 30 June 2016 say, equated to a 3c/kg rebate off your auction wool handling charges. Or in other words, a 15% on your 20c/kg investment.*

In addition to rebates to members, Co-op profits are utilised in several ways including:

Benefits to members

Recently these have come in the form of dividends, such as the 10% recently paid, or discounted woolpacks, saving up to $8 per bale this year. In recent history, the cumulative value of benefits to members was 9.8c/kg (i.e. a 49% return on an initial 20c/kg investment) as well as a lift in the Co-op’s equity.*

Industry-good spending

With the objective of lifting demand for wool, we provide financial resources to help drive the Campaign for Wool in NZ  . This is in addition to our Just Shorn® support and Discounted Wool Packs. 

 *Rebates, dividends, discounts or other returns are not guaranteed and can vary from year to year but are a feature of the co-operative model.