Capturing Value

Primary Wool Co-Operative’s knowledge and passion for the industry and Carrfields Primary Wool’s proven commercial expertise combine to capture the best value for your product.

Carrfields Primary Wool (CP Wool) is a totally equal 50/50 joint venture between Primary Wool Co-Operative and Carrfields Limited, a family-owned agribusiness based in Ashburton, the latter having purchased the half share previously owned by Elders Rural Holdings in 2014. CP Wool runs the New Zealand wool stores, wool trading and transport operations and the international market activities under the Just Shorn® brand.

CP Wool’s commercial expertise and local and international networks combined with Primary Wool Co-Operative’s passion and knowledge of the wool industry has created a unique and profitable partnership for our members.

Put simply:

  • Primary Wool Co-Operative owns 50% of CP Wool
  • CP Wool offers a comprehensive suite of wool brokering services throughout New Zealand, delivering seamless access to local and international markets
  • CP Wool profits from this
  • Primary Wool Co-Operative receives 50% of these profits
  • Through the co-operative model, these profits are available to Primary Wool Co-Operative members through rebates, dividends, discounts and industry-good investment

Benefits of Supplying Wool with CP Wool in Addition to Shareholding 

Co-Operative members are not locked into selling their wool through CP Wool but why wouldn’t they?

In their own right, Primary Wool Co-Operative members supplying wool to CP Wool earn rebates.

But Primary Wool Co-Operative members not only benefit from their own wool going through CP Wool. Every additional kilo of wool increases CP Wool’s profit. And half of that profit is returned to us, your Co-Operative and is then available to be returned to members in various ways and funding industry-good investments.

 It is a WIN (50% of CP Wool profits) – WIN (Primary Wool Co-Operative rebates and industry good support)

 Interested in putting your wool through CP Wool? Contact your CP Wool Field Staff.